Information on Visa Processing

For those participants who will stay in a hotel during the ACAT-2002.

To get Russian visa, you should do the following:
  1. A hotel booking form has to be filled in and sent directly to Academservice:
    either by FAX+7(095)913-3113, +7(095)755-8858
    or by e-mail as an attachment (ps- or word-file) to (Elena Demidova, a manager in Academservice Co.).
  2. then you should receive by FAX from Academservice a personal hotel voucher ("Accommodation voucher N...").

    NOTE: Academservice will forward a personal hotel voucher to the delegate only after receipt of the deposit. If Academservice does not receive the deposit the hotel reservation will not be made.

  3. The visa support has to be sent by Academservice together with a hotel voucher. This should be a document written in Russian mainly.
    • your name(s),
    • date of your birthday and your passport number
    must be written in this paper. Let us know if any mistypes appear.

  4. With two these papers from Academservice (hotel voucher and visa support) and some other required papers you go to Russian Consulate to apply for the visa.
Academservice company has special Having those "numbers" Academservice has not to send any more papers to the Russian consulates. It is enough for you to have the visa support and the hotel voucher FAXed from the Academservice Co.

The visa you need to visit Moscow for the conference is a tourist one.

(You also could get from Academservice a paper called "DESCRIPTION" with the the total balance and words at the end "this is to prove the receipt of your booking. The confirmation number will be supplied after the payment is made". This paper is just to inform you.)

If there appear any questions, please send them to (Natalia Sotnikova) and CC: (Elena Demidova, a manager of Academservice).

For those participants who will stay in the University Student House during ACAT-2002.

We order the visa support via Moscow State University for those participants who want to stay in the Student House during the conference.

For that we need all the information from the registration form and the copy of the passport (readable) sent:

As soon as the visa support will be ready, you will receive an official invitation (you may see a sample of the invitation here), printed on official blank of Moscow State University, with a signature and under seal. First of all, we will send you this invitation by FAX, then - to France, Italy and China - by express mail. With the invitation, you then go to Russian Consulate to apply for the visa. By that moment they should have an information from Russian Foreign Ministry about your visa support. The official invitation from Moscow State University is the only document you need from our side to apply for the tourist visa (which is enough to enter Russia for the conference). If you will meet any problems, please let us know as soon as possible.