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List of the tutorials: (for the schedule, contents and slides, click the title of a tutorial)

Tutorial titles Lecturer(s) Dates and duration
GRID / GLOBUS / CONDOR / EDG C.Kesselman, V.Nefedova, A.Roy and P.Kunszt June, 22 - 26 (24 hours)
Introduction to the ROOT system R.Brun June, 22-23 (9 hours)
Signal Processing: Data Analysis, Trigger and Implementation J.M. de Seixas June, 22-23 (8 hours)
Principles of Frequentist and Bayesian Statistics F. James June, 22-23 (6 hours)
Neural Networks J.-C. Prevotet, S. Terekhoff and S. Shumsky June, 23 (6 hours)