Travel information


The participants arriving to the International Sheremetievo airport will be met in the airport and transported to the hotels or the University Student House (according your accommodation). If you arrive to the Sheremetievo airport, please proceed to the very middle of the arrival hall in front of the information desk (=indicator board) where you will be met by a representative of the ACAT'2002 Organizing committee (with the ACAT'2002 poster in hand). This meeting point is marked on a scheme of the arrival hall.

  • If you travel on your own:
    The campus of Moscow State University and its main building (where the Workshop sessions will take place) is situated near the metro station "Universitet" (that is, University) (see also Moscow metro map). This district (see more detailed map of the district here) is called "Leninskie gory" (officially) or "Vorob'evy gory" (the confusion with the names appeared because the place was renamed during the Soviet period).

    From the metro station you may reach the MSU main building by walk (about 15 min) or by bus (No. 1, 113, 119 or 661). Please use the entrance to the Main Building from the side of Lomonosovski avenue (closest to the MSU Cultural Center and opposite to the Moskva-river side) and then watch straight ahead (about 20 m from the entrance) an announcement about the ACAT'2002 meeting with the arrow pointing to the direction of the location of the Organizing Committee and Workshop sessions.

    A detailed scheme of the University campus.

    If you will have any problems please call 939 5077, 939 5989 or 939 5881.
    In case of urgency please call to mobile 8 903 774 7463 (Andrei Demichev).